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    At First Republic, we care about our people. Founded in 1985, we offer extraordinary client service in private banking, private business banking and private wealth management. We believe that personal connections are everything and our success is driven by the relationships we form with our colleagues and clients. You’ll always feel empowered and valued here.


    Incredible teams doing exceptional work, every day.

    In Business Banking, we provide comprehensive depository, cash management, and lending services to businesses throughout our communities. As a Business Banking team member at First Republic, you will work directly with clients to identify their banking needs and financial goals in order to deliver tailored solutions for their businesses as well as their personal banking and wealth management needs.


    Common goals, uncommon potential

    Colleagues in this position will work in a dynamic environment with Business Bankers and other departments throughout the Bank in evaluating, underwriting, monitoring and maintaining the overall credit quality of new and existing loan facilities.  This position will support our Non Profit, Professional Services and Commercial Real Estate financing teams. Experience in these industries is preferred, but not required.  This a collaborative team environment where constant communication with team members is critical to achieving the goals of the team.


    What you'll do as a Credit Analyst

    • Underwriting and Analysis: Underwrite and author credit narratives in support of new loans for the Aviation and Marine Lending TeamNon Profit, and Professional Services, and Commercial Real Estate teams. This responsibility requires the following skills;: (i) spreading personal financial statements and tax returns for businesses and individual guarantors, developing guarantor global cash flow analysis and evaluating a guarantor’s ability to service debt; (ii) performing collateral analysis; (iii) understanding cash flow from operations, which includes identifying recurring and non-recurring sources of cash flow (iv) spreading business financial statements and tax returns using Moody’s software, for non-aviation and marine clients where applicable; (v) analyzing multi-year trends and developing ratios from financial information; and for non-aviation and marine clients where applicable,; (vi) researching industry trends and risks for non-profit organizationsaviation and professionalmarine clients where applicable; (vii) reviewing and assessing the collateral values including commercial real estate, appraisal and environmental reports where applicable; for aircraft with the aircraft appraiser and by reviewing AMSTAT, Vref, and Aircraft Blue Book and by working with the marine surveyors (viii) running credit reports on individual guarantors; ((viiiix) obtaining the Lexis Nexis and Bridger insight reports; entering data in our Know Your Client system; and working with the Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) team to resolve issues related to uniquely structured transactions; and (ix) assisting the sales team members in presenting to Executive Loan Committee for loan approvals; and (xi) ensure that all items have been uploaded to our underwriting system.
    • Loan Closing: Work closely with Business Bankers, Commercial Loan Operations, Outside Counsel and the clients and their counsel to document and close loans thoroughly and swiftly. This process includes: (i) reviewing formation documents to determine the corporate organizational structure and who is authorized to sign on behalf of the client; (ii) obtaining FAA and International Registry searches with the help of outside counsel on aviation transactions; (iii) obtaining registry searches through the US Coast Guard and foreign registries with the help of outside counsel; (iii) obtain UCC searches; (iiiv) with the help of outside counsel, ensure the lien releases will be held in escrow; (iv) work with FAA Title and Escrow to ensure that new aircraft purchases are coordinated with all parties involved – buyer, seller, brokers, their counsel, and the aircraft management team - due to the tight time frame)s (v) request loan documents from outside counsel and review with the help of the Loan Administrator for consistency with all credit approvals; (viv) prepare SuperTrump amortization schedule and forward to counsel and the client (vii) resolve all prefunding requirements to close as detailed in the narrative addendum (such as obtaining insurance, consistency letters; lien releases to be held in escrow; confirming wire information; and funding of new DDA accounts, etc.); (viii) ensure that signature pages are obtained by client and FRB and forwarded to the appropriate counsel; (viix) follow on post-closing items (such as assignment of aircraft management contracts; opinions of counsel; leases; mortgages; and aircraft maintenance contracts) by working with the respective third parties’ contracts departments and the client and upload entire assignment and contract to our underwriting system upon receipt; (viix) ensuring loan terms have been detailed accurately on the Bank’s loan system, post-closing; (viiixi) work with Payoff to obtain any payoffs and ensure that liens are released and forwarded to the client; (ixxii) ensure that all items have been uploaded to our underwriting system; and (xiii) forward copies of executed documents to the clients and their counsel.
    • Portfolio Management: Create, maintain, and monitor all loan and credit files at the highest quality. . With the oversight of the Senior Industry Analyst, Tthis process involves: (i) updating the master loan spreadsheet as transactions close for the client contact; timing of appraisals and reappraisal rights/excess use, registration expiration, insurance, and annual term loan reviews as transactions are closed or paid off in full; (ii) monitoring existing credit facilities for financial and reporting covenant compliance on a weekly basis; (iii) reviewing the covenant compliance and log to ensure updated financial information and covenant compliance and communicating with clients to receive required reporting information on a monthly basis at a minimum; (iv) collecting the insurance policies for all collateral prior to their expiration; (vi) obtaining the Asset Data Collection Sheets and forwarding to the Aircraft Appraiser so that he may prepare the annual appraisals on the collateral (vii) detecting early warning signs that could lead to a potential default and work with the Business Banker and the Executive Loan Committee when defaults /similar issues are found; (vii) monitoring underperforming loans; (viiiix) evaluating proper loan risk ratings by preparing the annual term loan reviews; and (ixx) corresponding with the Managing Director, Executive Loan Committee, Loan Monitoring Group, Legal, and Credit Administration on waivers, amendments, renewals, reviews and modifications; and (xi) ensure that all items have been uploaded to our underwriting system.
    • Client Service: Assist the Business Banker on all levels of the business banking relationship to ensure the client receives exceptional service. This process includes: (i) receiving and funding loan advances and payments; (ii) collecting loan and legal fees; (iii) calling on delinquencies; (iv) assisting clients with various loan and deposit related inquiries; (v) remedying or submitting client requests to the proper departments and following up to ensure timely execution; and (vi) identifying cross-sell opportunities.
    • Work with the Sales team and Senior Industry Analyst on industry projects, such as updating the Collateral Values spreadsheet for the entire aircraft portfolio using Aircraft Bluebook, Vref and AMSTAT.
    • Be or become proficient in Microsoft Office, Bisys, AFS Level III, and Moody’s.
    • Perform duties and responsibilities specific to department functions and activities.
    • Performs other duties and responsibilities as required or assigned by supervisor.
    • Comply with the applicable, federal and state laws, regulations and guidance, including those related to Anti-money laundering (i.e. Bank Secrecy Act, US PATRIOT Act); adhere to Bank policies and procedures; complete required training; identify and report suspicious activity to the AML Officer; and know and verify the identity of any client(s) that enters into a relationship with the Bank.


    Required: Bachelor’s Degree with strong credit background, a minimum of 3-5 years of commercial banking and lending experience. Established network of business clients, prospects, and referral sources.


    Senior Credit Analysts will have 7+ years of experience with all of the above capabilities; industry specialization; and the ability to oversee the coordination of the underwriting of loan requests. Experienced in lending to a wide variety of industries, loan types, and size of companies is required. Preferably, experience with collaborative work environments.


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